Thursday, November 8, 2012

“As much as most people don’t like to accept it, Life is not always what we expect to be even though we have our human tendencies of either expecting too much or expecting too little of what life has to offer. It’s never enough for us human beings, there is always something lacking and there is always constantly complaining be it about having different hair, a different phone, a different family, a different job, a different, well pretty much everything. But the truth is we don’t realize how much we have right in front of us and how thankful we should be about it. So today, just take a minute, look around you and be thankful for all you have in your life and tell the people who are close to your heart that they matter so much more than they think they do. You never know, maybe they are going through a tough time and just want to hear those couple of words to make them feel better than they are feeling. Tell them. Show them and appreciate the life in front of you because no one else is going to do that for you. Make a difference while you’re here today even if it simply means to put a smile on someone’s face. What you own and what you will won’t be remembered once you’re not alive but it’s what you do that will be remembered and cherished. For all the people who’ve been in my life,loved me,cared for me, failed me, hated me, spoken behind my back and for all those who I have done wrong to and everyone else, thank you for being part of my life at some point because without all of you, I wouldn’t know what I know about life and I wouldn’t be able to have the strength I have today…”

Being Human...

Last night’s conversation with a friend of mine gave me new revelations of life and mostly to be thankful for the life I have right before my eyes. We see people pass us by randomly on the street, on a bus ride, in our workplace and where ever possible but we don’t think of what story lies behind each one of these individuals. There is always a reason why people turn out the way they are and sometimes we may not understand it and we misunderstand it creating perceptions of our own that these individuals do not fit into our norms of ‘normalcy’. However we fail to realize that each individual human being handles situations differently and the outcomes of each experience and the manner in which it affects them is different. Just because we think differently doesn’t give us the right to judge a person by the way he/she handles a situation, merely because we too are human and we may come across such situations in our life and there is always a possibility that we might handle it the same way they did given our emotional strength and perceptions at that given time. After all “Every human heart beat is a universe of possibilities.”

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Soul Sisters!

“What you and I share is different isn’t it?” All I have to say are these few words and in a millisecond the person I have directed this at will just simply smile in agreement. It feels as if two cores have been embodied for life. It may appear bizarre to many of you but here’s to all of you who have found your own, ‘Soul Sister’. As deep as the darkest abyss and as tranquil as the soothing whispers of the hushed wind is the relationship we share. We ourselves cannot figure out once the connection set into our lives but in our creator’s time it did. When the tattoo of a ‘soul’ connection is embedded on the heart of a person, it’s there for always. I would define the bond that exists between us two a Beautiful disaster. The irony of it all was the discovery to immerse myself in a soul connection with someone I simply detested. Life is full of surprises isn’t it? And so are the people you encounter..."

Special Entity :)

“Entwined with the look of innocence, his first glance, his first word, his first gleeful smile at our first introduction was someone who I knew will be a very special entity for the rest of my life. The 22nd of December 2011, in subtle intoxication and engaging in conversations of ‘sucker for beggars’ and our likes and dislikes was a day that made me feel like I was 15 again. The sudden rush of dopamine in my brain seemed uncontrollable as we danced to a possible rhythm created by us two. A particular individual spotted the spark between us two and revealed that we, in a few months, to put it in a refined manner, will be very special components in each other’s lives.”


Friendship has the possibility of leading to love. And it happened to both the ‘Young’ man and me. On the twenty fifth of October were the events of a day that could never be forgotten. The usual love story would portray the guy telling the girl that he likes her in any opportunity given to him. But in this case it was different. It was a night we both felt a revelation was going to take place and likewise it did. The ‘Young’ man took me out for dinner and at an ever famous club we used to visit and engage ourselves in playing endless games of badminton, basketball and listening to the sea breeze, I said that I really liked him and I’m proud to say I made the first move. “I don’t remember how to kiss”, he said and I remember the look on his face; innocent and pure. When he kissed me, and I kissed him back it felt like millions of electric eels had struck our skin and it was simply startling. As he recalls up to this day the pot that broke while we engaged ourselves in a romantic moment to be remembered. I wonder if the wind was envious of the moment this ‘Young’ man engaged himself in. The embrace of his arms were gentle yet strong and it certainly made me feel like a woman. It made me feel different.

A Prayer for Healing :)

I pray that you will tell yourself just the way I have,
That we made the decision together,
That we went through it together,
It stands to be an experience in the past,
And it will remain that way.

I pray that you will find yourself,
And treasure yourself,
For the beautiful person you are,
And for the glorious person you ought to be,
And it will remain that way.

I pray that you let your inner strengths,
Trample the weaknesses,
And motivate yourself to believe that you are created,
And that you will be ecstatic about yourself,
And it will remain that way.

I pray that you will let your eyes water,
And set your heart free,
Of the pain that has drowned you,
And let you feel the relief of a healing soul,
And it will remain that way.

I pray that you will forgive yourself,
Just the way the saviour has forgiven you,
For the sins you commit is seen,
And the forgiveness you seek for is always given,
And it will remain that way.

I pray that you will forgive me,
For my heartfelt apology,
And understand that I have understood,
What you went through was just the same as me,
And it will remain that way.

I pray that you will apologize to our dear one,
Just the way I have,
And lovingly say that,
It wasn’t time for your arrival,
And it will remain that way.

I pray that you will hear the sound,
Of our little dear one,
Saying ‘It’s ok’,
‘I know it wasn’t my time’
And it will remain that way.

I pray that you will look at me,
And tell yourself that,
Both of us are two very special people,
Needed in this world,
And it will remain that way.

I pray that you will hear me,
Calling out for you,
Earnestly in my prayers,
And telling you that ‘We are going to make it’,
And it will remain that way.

Journey through Darkness..

"Swirls of darkness surround you, a blurred vision of the light ahead, an empty path obstructing your vision of what's left instead. The ecstatic feeling of overwhelming happiness craves within,reminding you that it's a step away. Dilemmas remain...the choices yet to be made from the known to the unknown of abstract assurance of an angel in disguise,substance in the making of happiness untouched, unrevealed, swept in the secrecy of the founders of a radiance that is incomparable to anything discovered..."